Channel Modeling

What is Channel Modeling?

One of the definitions I like is " A channel model is a mathematical representation of the effects of a communication channel through which wireless signals are propagated", which is taken from MathWorks. Basically, we have an environment, which is the space that the wireless signal and we want to find a mathematical model for this environment. The channel model can deterministic or stochastic. An example of deterministic model is path loss while a fading represents a stochastic model.

Why do we need a Channel Model?

One key aspect of any communication link is the reliability of the link. To ensure the link is reliable, the impact of the wireless channel on the signal should be accounted for. This can be done if we have a model for the channel.

Our work on Channel Modeling

Our work on channel modeling focuses on small-scale fading of backscatter channel. Read more about our work on