Research Themes

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Research Areas

My research areas are at the intersection between Microwave Engineering and Wireless Communications. In particular, my research focus at the moment on

  1. Backscatter Communications

  2. Applications of AI in Electromagnetic and Physical Layer

Each research area has some themes associated with it. These themes are outlined here.

Backscatter Communications

Backscatter communication is a form of low-powered communications in which the complexity of the communication systems is moved to one component while other component is made simple! The simple component is called a transponder, while the complex component is known as an interrogator. The working principle is presented here:

  • The interrogator sends a wave to the transponder

  • If the transponder is passive, the transponder harvests the electromagnetic energy and use to power up some sources.

  • The received wave (whether harvested or not) is scattered by the transponder.

  • If the transponder antenna is switching between different impedances, the scattered field will depend (although weakly) on the transponder antenna

  • The interrogator can be pick up the change in the scattered electric field, decode it, and extract a useful communication signal.

Our team work on the following topics on backscatter communications:

  1. Channel Modeling and Sounding of Backscatter Systems

  2. Spectrally-Efficient Backscatter Systems

Physical Layer Interference Classification using Deep Learning

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Subsurface Conductivity Estimation

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Real-time Spectrum Decomposer

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